The Simplicity of Money Management

Gateway Capital Management takes personalization to the next level. We focus on the complete financial picture for our clients and their life long goals. We keep it simple by implementing the following principles: 

  • Cost efficient investing keeping internal investment expenses to a minimum;
  • Customized investment portfolios - utilizing non proprietary investments;
  • Comprehensive financial planning, retirement strategies, and estate planning;
  • Life insurance strategies and long term care solutions; and 
  • College funding strategies

Josh formed GCM with the intent of offering low cost - non cookie cutter portfolios - and comprehensive Financial Planning services. He treats his clients portfolios like a fingerprint-unique and specific to their goals. 

He focuses on transparency with his clients always educating them on what they own and why they own it. Josh works on a fiduciary basis with one annual portfolio management fee and no investment transaction brokerage fees. Gateway Capital Management passes cost savings on to clients and aims to  keep expenses low. To keep overhead low, Josh is more than happy to meet you at your home, by zoom, or at GCM’s home office