Joshua Bliss

Josh has lived in the valley for over 16 years. He is proud of his AZ education as a graduate of the University of Arizona with a BS.

Josh loves spending time with his two beautiful daughters, his beloved dogs, and climbing Epic mountains. He summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2020 and has a life long goal of tackling the seven summits. He loves giving back to his community and is currently involved with the K2 foundation whose goals are to empower and enrich the lives of those with disabilities both locally and abroad.

Experience and Education 

Josh’s career spans 18 years in the valley with both wealth management experience and financial services. Josh started out his career employed as a Financial Advisor at a leading estate planning firm in California. He then went on to manage 14 Financial advisors through out state of California prior to his relocation to Scottsdale AZ. Josh joined Merrill Lynch and went on to develop an extremely successful practice at Wells Fargo managing a 100 million plus practice for his clients. After honing his skills at the the large investment firms and banks, he felt passionate about starting his own practice in 2019. His goal was to build his own business and start his own firm where he could pick the best strategies for clients rather than being constrained to only offering proprietary products. In addition, forming his own firm allowed him to focus on exceptional customer service, customizing tailored made portfolios for his clients, lowering fees, and securing a niche smaller clientele. 

Phone 480-266-7536